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IADOWREX is the place to start trading the IADOWR Secure Token

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Buy and sell popular digital currencies, keep track of them in the one place.

Recurring buys

Purchase the IADOWR Secure Token slowly over time by scheduling buys daily, weekly or monthly.

Vault protection and lending program

For added security, store your funds in a vault with multiple layers of encryption. Make 10% annual rewards by staking your IAX in our IAD Vault.

IAX Currency Calculator

Try our calculator to see what you can trade IAX for

Buy/Sell/Use IAX

Exchange IAX for a variety of other crypto and different currencies.

Using The IAX Calculator

  • 1) Just choose the currency you want to use.
  • 2) Type in the amount of IAX you want to buy or the amount of the currency you want to spend.
  • 3) The calculator will show you todays rate based on IAX price and Currency Rates.
  • (IAX amount includes the %1 exchange fee)
  • The IADOWR Vault

    A unique digital currency opportunity

    A few reasons why you should choose IADOWREX

    Secure Storage

    Your IADOWR vault is protected by IADOWREX Security Protocols, and we give you the option of storing your IAX outside of our platform yourself.

    Protect by best practices

    Deposits are stored securely and used to provide liquidity for you and are not leveraged.

    Liquidity of proceeds

    All interest we pay to our Vault lenders is immediately liquid and bought by us or can be added to the Vault balance.

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    Steps to get started with IADOWR's Ecosystem

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    Easily create an account with your email or one touch registration with your Google or Facebook account.

    Link Accounts Automatically

    Your IADOWR Account automatically links with IADOWREX and all the IADOWR platform companies.

    Start using IAX and IAD

    Whether you want to buy clothing, bet on sports or play fantasy, or safely invest into film and television, you are just scratching the surface of what IAX can do.

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